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The food safety chain


Direct control of every stage to offer good, healthy and safe products to the consumer


The most important aspect about food products is undoubtedly the safety of what we bring to the table.  This is an increasingly important topic, thanks to the greater consumer awareness and the growing attention of media and institutions.

Nowadays we talk a lot about traceability and certified origin of raw materials: are we sure that this information - even if precious - is enough to guarantee safety to those who buy?

Within a single supply chain there can be dozens of operators, as well as dozens can be the necessary steps for processing. This increases the risk of contamination due, for example, to the use of the same means of transport of products with and without Gluten or GMO, without prior and depth cleaning. 

From the beginning, MartinoRossi's choice was to directly follow every activities, from sowing to storage and processing, providing agronomists, means of transport, skills, daily field assistance and the best selected varieties seeds of cereals and legumes.

This is called “controlled supply chain” and today there are more than 500 Italian farms that have joined this model and that collaborate with MartinoRossi. They are distributed in different geographical areas including Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Puglia and Tuscany.

Each operator of the supply chain signs a specific disciplinary undertaking to ensure compliance with the required standards, the specific working methods, good practices and corporate ethical principles. Everything starts on the fields, where agronomists offer support to farmers, controlling the growth of plants, carefully following all the phenological phases of the crops and taking care of sampling the product, to verify its degree of ripeness and quality. The following step is the collection phase (the last one started on August 26th), which is managed directly and without intermediaries, as well as threshing and the transport realized with our own means in the company's storage centers, where cereals and legumes are also dried and processed.

This model of MartinoRossi’s subsidiary supply chains requires economic commitment and great managerial capacity, but eliminates any risk of contamination and, at the same time, guarantees total traceability of the product and offers the consumer high quality and maximum safety.

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