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Frigerio at the Food Ingredients Europe 2019 in Paris

The 2019 edition of the FIE – Food Ingredients Europe which took place in Paris from the 3rd to the 5th December has brought an explosion of innovation.
And Frigerio Food Ingredients, together with its partners, has presented several new products!

From Nigay:
- Sugar-reduced caramel (5% of sugar content)
- Vegan caramel: lactose free and with coconut milk
- Salted butter caramel and fruits (orange, raspberry, yuzu, green apple, coconut, passion fruit, ginger)
- Drop caramels (particle size: 3-8 mm)
- High tasty caramel powder
- Caramel powders which give high colour and caramelized tasty notes (WS100 and WS200)

From Ingredia:
- PROCREAM HP10: for high protein ice creams
- PROMILK SH 20: for creamy cheese
- PROMILK YOGCHIZ: for high protein chocolate flakes
- PROMILK 600 A: for high protein desserts
- PROCAKE HP01: for high protein bakery products
- PRODIET FLUID: micellar casein for high protein beverages 

From Symrise:
- Flavours and natural flavours which give juiciness and “meat taste” to vegetable burgers  
- Flavours and natural flavours specific for sugar-reduced ketchups 
- Flavours and natural flavours of beef and chicken also suitable for organic products 

From Colin:
- Complete mixes for vegetable deli meat
- Precooked pulses
- Coated pulses as snacks
- Meat extracts (beef and chicken)
- Seasonings from “Save the green” 
- Seeds and seed mixes

Contact us for further information or to sample the products! 

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