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Functionality of strawberry powder on frozen dairy desserts

US Researchers investigated the potential use of freeze-dried strawberry powder as a stabilizer in frozen dairy desserts and the results were published in Journal of Texture Studies.

Five different dessert mixes were developed that contained 0%, 2.5%, 3%, 3.5%, and 4% strawberry powder. An additional dessert using strawberry extract was prepared to differentiate the effects of dietary fiber from the effect of polyphenols on sample properties. The rheological and physical characteristics of dessert mixes, fresh dessert, and stored dessert were studied. The addition of strawberry powder to dairy desserts caused an increase in the mix viscosity and a decrease in hardness and meltdown values. Complete avoidance of meltdown was achieved with the addition of 3% or greater amount of strawberry powder. The viscosity of mixes was enhanced due to the increase of total solids in the serum phase and the formation of hydrated and gel-like networks in the presence of cellulosic material, pectin, and calcium. The increase in viscosity and unfrozen water with the addition of strawberry powder also caused a reduction in ice crystallization, which resulted in softer and more stable desserts over time.

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