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Achieve a smoky flavor with natural flavouring and a Clean Label. Here is how

During a crisis the most logical thing to do for many is reducing the expenditure for research to its minimum. There are, however, exceptions. Alimeco, for example, Italian producer of ingredients and full solutions for the food industry, decided that it should not interrupt its research operations, and successes are bound to arrive. Alimeco launched the new natural flavouring solution Aroma Naturale per Effetto Affumicatura: a new, completely natural food flavouring solution that helps you achieve a smoky flavor without compromising your clean label. 

The new flavor is a complete revolution for the market as it is the first natural flavor to really achieve that reach woody and sweet scents, typical of a smoky flavor for gourmet creations such as stuffed pasta and meat creations employing only natural flavors. 

When dealing with smoky flavouring one must be careful not to alter the original flavors of a recipe. The added smoky scents should only contribute to the final result without compromising the whole experience. The new, natural flavor by Alimeco achieves just that: no matter the nature of application (through dry or wet solution) it softly adds sweet and woody scents to gourmet creations. 

The product is Natural: ideal for noninvasive flavor retouching of all recipes. It can be used without the claim Smoke flavouring in the label. Versatile: It adds a light touch of woody and sweet flavors when applied in both dry and wet solutions, making it extremely easy to use. High performance: Even in small quantities the flavor adds a rich, woody flavor. 

Alimeco researches and develops complete, natural solutions for the following industries: pasta, meat, bakery & snack, gelato and pastry. You can find their services and solutions on their website 

Via Provinciale, 58 - 24044 Dalmine (BG) - Italy
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