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Leben Food, the new range of innovative functional blends by Leben Ingredients

Continually attentive to new solutions aiming to satisfy a constantly changing market, Leben Ingredients presents its new brand of dietary blends. 

Thanks to the experience of ably technical team, Leben Ingredients developed tailor-made functional blends, branded Leben Food. 
The brand-new formulations were created and tested in the new Application Lab, based in Lissone. The high-skilled professionals efficiently work in order to offer best quality products as well as serve customers with suited formulations, always looking towards performance and convenience. Particularly, mixes are composed of selected and high-quality raw materials, envisioned specifically for customers who work into pasta, fillings as well as convenience food and bakery.

Leben Food blends are created with personalized technical specifications to comply with consumers’ needs: quality, reliability and innovation.
Intended to respond to precise production needs, Leben Food mixes are characterized by innovative functions and high technical performance which allow to have personalized formulations and to supply best service to our customers.

Leben Food, continuously expanding, is currently composed of two product lines: Easy mix and Texture Mix.
Easy Mix consists of ready-to-use blends meant to offer a remarkable taste experience. “Preparato per Gnocchi Artigiano” blend, with a buttery flavor and a soft texture, is ideal to offer consumer a home-made taste experience.“Preparato per Gnocchi 3 Stelle”, rich in flavor, with nice texture and stability in MAP packaging, is designed for customers who aim to achieve high quality and durable products.
Texture Mix, composed of functional blends as “LebenFibre KF200”, mixes calibrated and selected potato fibres, allergen free, ideal for stabilizing and to enrich fillings, sauces and doughes.

Leben Food is the brand for innovative and functional blends envisioned to comply with our customers’ needs.

Leben Ingredients Srl
Via Dante Alighieri 43 - 20851 Lissone (MB)
Tel. +39 039 9405143
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