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The All-New Natural Mortadella Flavor by Alimeco

Alimeco introduces its most recent of many achievements, the result of intensive efforts in R&D: a captivating, Natural Mortadella Flavor. The flavor distinguishes itself for a special blend of spices, typical of classic mortadella, and a light touch of cooked meat resulting in a complete, pleasant taste.

The new flavor is completely natural and does not present any artificial additives nor limited or restricted ingredient. It must be presented on the label as Natural flavor and it is also free from:
• Monosodium Glutamate
• Allergens

The flavor is the last addition to a now rich family of natural flavors and solutions specifically designed to solve labeling problems and ease the work of pasta makers, butchers, food industry players and small businesses of offering natural, great-tasting creations of the highest quality. The solution is highly versatile and can be used in almost all kinds of food applications. It is particularly well suited for stuffed pasta, cooked meat creations of gastronomy and mortadella, although the limit, as always, is only the creativity of its users.

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