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The All New Natural Colors by Alimeco

Alimeco, with a wide range of innovative solutions and natural products for the food industries in applications such as pasta, meat, bakery and snack, for years has distinguished itself for its spirit of innovation setting its products apart from the others. Last year alone Alimeco’s labs have developed a whole new line of Natural Flavors for pasta and bakery, a complete range of solutions for Clean Label meat products and a new selection of high performing natural colors. Today we will focus on the latter. 

The all new natural colors for pasta and bakery by Alimeco stand out not only for the always— natural origins but also for the superior technical specs one can appreciate throughout the working and application steps. Across all three new colors (Italian Spinach, Concentrate Beet Root and Tomato Dried at Low Temperatures) the distinguishing traits are a slow extraction from only the most valued parts of the plant and processing techniques that safeguard the natural properties. For Alimeco’s partners this means naturally intense and lively colors and a good hold of the color throughout all steps. 

It is clear then that the innovation that drives Alimeco does not start in the laboratories but much earlier, during the sourcing of quality ingredients. When Alimeco decided to expand its line of Natural Colors it started a long journey selecting the best raw ingredients from the most reliable suppliers in different regions. The goal is always ascertaining the absolute quality of the products in order to guarantee the highest quality to its partners and help them prepare healthy foods. This kind of quality always begins with the quality of the ingredients. 

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