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Innovative blends by LEBENfood: quality and technical performance, tailor-made.

The innovative and functional blends developed by Leben Ingredients have been designed in order to implement a portfolio dedicated to fulfil needs of customers and consumers who operate into pasta and bakery fields. 

Into the Application Lab, our skilled technicians use selected and high quality raw materials from short supply chain. Raw materials are wisely mixed in order to obtain functional blends with high technical performances. Our experienced team is continuously seeking for innovative references to implement a more traditional range of formulations, in order to keep up with haute cuisine trends.

As traditional references, LEBENfood proposes the Easymix blends, as Gnocchi 3 Stelle and Gnocchi Artigiano formulations. Those products give to consumers the memory of home-made dumpling, with buttery taste and soft consistency. 

The Easymix Formulation for Gnocchi with blue-violet potato is the innovative product ideal for preparation of fresh dumpling and pasta. Designed for cold preparation, the blend has been formulated with high quality and carefully selected blue-violet potatoes. Color is its distinctive characteristic and the optimal consistency guarantees an intense taste experience. 

Thanks to the research carried out to reduce the additives, the stability and the durability of the product is not compromised; the formulation is stabilized for modified atmosphere packaging in order to comply with industrial production requirements. 

Beside the Easymix catalogue, LEBENfood has developed the Texturemix range, which comprehend functional blends, as LebenFibre KF200, mixing calibrated potato fibres, allergen-free, ideal for stabilizing fillings, sauces and doughes and to enrich several food preparations. 

LEBENfood is the innovative brand which combine natural products with attention to a sustainable consumption.

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