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Alimeco introduces new clean label solutions for salami and other cured or aged minced meats

Alimeco just presented two new innovative Clean Label solutions for preserving and protecting aged, seasoned and cured minced meats and salami. The two solutions are the latest additions to the all-natural Linea Clean Label by Alimeco, a product line that until today consisted of natural blends and solutions for fresh meats creations only. The two new blends: Stagio Naturale CL and Premix Staginati CL are meant to protect the characteristics, color and taste of minced-meat cold cuts and cured salami in a safe and completely natural manner through the whole curing/aging steps as well as during distribution.

The blends are thought for the producers of small-to-medium size salami and minced-meat cold cuts who are sensitive towards the new expectations and necessities of the modern consumer both in terms of taste and labeling. The two blends take advantage of the preservative properties of the carefully selected spices found inside the two solutions to preserve the meats completely naturally without employing artificial preservatives or other plant or vegetable extracts with preservatives properties. This allows producers who decide to implement the blends in their creations to offer a product with a label free from ‘preservatives’ claims to the final consumer. Instead the blends will be listed on the label as natural flavors. As of today no similar solution is being offered in the market. 

- Stagio Naturale CL: A natural and versatile solutions for preserving cured or aged salami as well as their characteristics and differentiating features such as taste, color or texture. It is suitable for all productions, included more industrial ones.

- Premix Stagionati CL: A natural and more complete solution ideal for smaller and more artisanal producers seeking a solution that preserves the product as well as safeguards and enhances its texture and overall structure. 

The two blends are the result of the work of the R&D labs of alimeco and help the producers of salami and other cold cuts made with minced meats to preserve and protect their creations. Stagio Naturale CL and Premix Stagionati CL are the latest addition to the Linea CL by Alimeco, a line of Clean Label solutions for the meat industry. 

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