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Alimeco: The new standard for Clean Label Solutions

Alimeco continues to focus on R&D and thus expanding its portfolio of clean label solutions. The young company from Italy specializes in functional ingredients and complete solutions for the food industry and has so far distinguished itself for its efforts in launching innovative blends. Particularly, Alimeco in recent years has made that of developing new clean label and natural solutions one of its main distinguishing strengths. The long-term investments in this direction led to an especially comprehensive range of clean label solutions meant for the meat, pasta, bakery and snack industries. 

Over the last two years the solutions presented by Alimeco became the reference point for natural ingredients in applications such as flavoring, smell, coloring, stuffing, texture and shelf-life as well as more complete and technologically advanced blends meant for applications in meat processing. And it is among these latter, more advanced blends that we find the all-new and innovative Linea CL per Stagionati, a new line of natural blends specifically developed for cured meats. 

Finally, a quick conversation with Alimeco’s R&D staff suggests that as many innovations and new developments will follow. All in all, considered the speed at which the company recently launched its latest, new products we can only guess how many more innovations Alimeco’s Labs have in store for us all. 

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