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Clean Label Solutions for Fish Creations


Alimeco expands its innovative Linea Naturale CL, a special collection of Clean Label solutions and adds two new blends dedicated to fish products. 

Originally the line started with solutions meant for meat products only, but over time it expanded and blends meant for pasta and bakery were added. The last additions expanded it further and cater to fish products. More specifically, the new blends are meant to help producers achieve high performing fish products by protecting them throughout the processing and distributions phases and help protect cold cuts, sausages, burgers and other fish products, all naturally.

The absolute stars of the new additions are the new Fish Burger CL Naturale and Mix Salsiccia Mare CL Naturale. The two blends are meant to help the fish processing industry in offering products that can meet the modern consumer expectations and be both tasty and safe, naturally. 

The blends fully take advantage of the natural protection that the spices found inside offer in order to offer a product that is both stable and safe and to do so naturally. And because they are free from any artificial preservative they allow for the use of the claim aromi naturali, “natural flavors” instead of conservanti, “preservatives” on the label.

The new blends in short:

Fish Burger CL Naturale is a complete and all natural blend meant to help achieve a product that is safe with ideal texture and improved shelf-life in burgers and similar fish products. 

Mix Salsiccia Mare CL Naturale, a blend, as natural and complete, meant to help achieve the same results in fish sausages and other cured fish products. 

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