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The massive consumption of Coffee in capsules for domestic coffee machines has forced capsules manufacturers to boost their production line to make it as much efficient as possible, in order to meet the market demand growth. Production boost has obviously increased the quantity of capsules discarded from the line forcing the manufacturer to consider those as an acceptable loss within the work cycle. 

Stawimpianti, with its Coffee Recovery Machine, offers to manufacturers the chance to optimize their packaging line through the recovering of the coffee powder contained in the discarded capsules that cannot be sold. Capsules, once discarded from the packaging line, pass – manually or through a conveyor belt – inside the Coffee Recovery, where the capsule breaking system patented by Stawimpianti open them, leaving of a sufficient size to be sure that they can be stopped by the vibrating screen below, which guarantees the perfect separation between the capsule material and the coffee powder in it.

The Coffee recovered from the capsules that cannot be sold is reintroduced into the packaging process in order to be inserted into new capsules. This process allows manufactures to recover a quantity of coffee powder between the 75 and 90%.

In this way, thanks to Stawimpianti Coffee Recovery Machine, manufactures are able to transform the coffee contained in discarded capsules from waste into a resource to be reintroduced in the market.

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