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Alternative Dairy made Delicious by Kerry

As the trend towards a more health-conscious lifestyle grows, particularly driven by young adults and millennials, more and more consumers are seeking plant-based beverages that not only deliver great taste, but are nutritionally fortified also. 

Dairy alternatives such as oat, soy, almond, and coconut milks, are a fast-growing and on-trend area in the beverage market, ticking all the boxes for guilt-free indulgence – vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, and so on. A recent study* shows that the highest growth in milk alternatives made from any kind of nut is estimated in Italy with +8.9% CAGR, compared to +8.4% in Germany and +8.3% in Spain.

With reduced demand for cow’s milk, by 2022 it is predicted that plant-based alternatives will represent 20% of the value of the cow milk market**. Indeed plant-based claims are already growing by 62%**. Many industry analysts attribute some of this plant-based growth to the Instagram phenomenon – clean eating influencers and wellness bloggers are filling consumers Instagram feeds with beautiful shots of plant-based foods and beverages, making it an attractive lifestyle choice and doing what years of vegan campaigning hasn’t succeeded in doing.

Whatever the reasons, the result of these emerging consumer trends is that there are now multiple new opportunities for the food and beverage industry - drinking yogurt, flavoured milk drinks and added value categories such as protein and fibre enriched drinks to name a few. 

John Patrick Kelly, Senior Marketing Manager – Beverages, at Kerry Europe, comments: “We know that plant-based beverages have lower protein content than dairy milk, therefore there is an opportunity to optimize nutrition through protein fortification.  We also know that taste remains the number one attribute driving consumer purchasing decisions. At Kerry, our expertise in taste and nutrition, combined with our exceptional capabilities in beverage development, is helping brands develop delicious drinks from concept all the way through to finished delivery.”

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*Source: BCG Market Insights Study, July 2018
**Source: Mintel

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