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Taste and nutrition in the nutrition bars

At the slow but continuous change in consumer lifestyles, the bar market responded with double-digit growth, increasingly driven by nutritionally balanced, but also good, products.

More than 80% of European consumers, in fact, say that taste is the main purchase factor and almost every second consumer wants to experiment with new flavors even at the expense of a higher price, provided they are justified by a clean label.

A fundamental role is therefore covered by aesthetic aspect that only later gives way to product smell and taste: colors, decorations, fillings guide us throughout this journey.

Hence the challenge of bar manufacturers who have to satisfy changing tastes, linked to fashions and contaminations coming from other product categories, giving a healthy halo thanks to a more accurate ingredients choice and balanced nutritional values which are ​​aligned with the different dietary requirements.

Today, over 65% of consumers are worried about possible digestive problems and almost nine out of ten are looking for proteins. As many as 60% of the population interviewed would even like bars with higher protein content, but good ones!

Nowadays the bars consumer wants energy, satiety and feeling good; few times we reflect on the fact that our "wellbeing" helps us to look better, to feel more confident and to be appreciated by others.

Kerry can help you meet the needs of well-being, convenience and taste, knowing in depth the production challenges that these factors entail within a manufacturing site.

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