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In order to prevent, control and eradicate transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) in animals, processed animal protein (PAP) were banned in 2011.

From 1st June some PAP will be reauthorised, according to Commission Regulation (Eu) No. 56/2013. With the exception of fishmeal and compound feed containing fishmeal, which are already permitted for feeding non-ruminant animals, PAP from non-ruminant animals and feedingstuffs containing such PAP will in fact be reauthorised for feeding aquaculture animals. Strict requirements during the collection, transport and processing of those products will apply in order to avoid any risk of cross-contamination with ruminant protein. In addition, regular sampling and analysis of the PAP and the compound feed containing this PAP will be performed in order to verify the absence of cross-contamination with ruminant proteins.

As Member States and the economic operators of the feeding sector need sufficient time to adapt their control procedures to the new requirements introduced by this Regulation No. 56/2013, it should not apply immediately after its entry into force: it shall apply from 1st June 2013.

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