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In this issue you can find two scientific works: the first on the recycling of brewers’ spent grains by production of pasta with enhanced nutritional value and the second on the economic and nutritional value of cereals and pseudocereals.

We will tell you what emerged from the webinar organized by MSD Animal Health to discuss the impact of Coronavirus on the agri-food chain and we propose the results offered by Romacereali on the 2020/2021 cereals campaign.

The summaries of international research on pasta, bread and feed are inevitable: the effects of chestnut flour on fresh pasta were studied, a team of researchers from the University of Palermo conducted a study to evaluate the fermentation dynamics of yeast in the presence of pistachio powder and the University of Teramo assessed the influence of grape pomace on poultry meat.

Following machines, legislative updates, news and upcoming events.

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