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Sections of the pigging system launching station (Servinox) and of the new round launching and receiving station (LIAG).

The pig is a silicone insert that is placed in a pipeline; thanks to the push given by a following product or another medium, it moves along the pipeline to generate an action of emptying and cleaning at the same time.

In addition to the scraper, the system is composed of a launch station, a receiving station and possible discharge or divert valves (to meet the needs of the customer).

In order to ensure a high degree of mechanical cleaning of the line, a good adaptability to any internal defect of the pipes and a full separation between the pushing media and the product, the best solution is the multiple lip pig. 


The system offers many advantages:

- full recovery of the product, no waste of material with consequent zeroing of waste elimination costs;

- drastic reduction of water consumption for cleaning;

- production stop is not needed while switching to a different product, reducing the production time;

- reduction of capital to be invested in new plants, since a single pipeline can be used to convey the product towards different destinations through specific diverter valves.


The PIG solutions are endless, each one different and adaptable for every need; a correct choice of the scraper shape, valves and stations’ configuration is fundamental to ensure the best results in process of emptying, recovering and cleaning of the line. For this reason, Exonder collaborates with different partners who can offer mono- and bi-directional solutions.


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