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Vibrating screen “CRS”, ideal for the food sector.

Emilos designs and builds vibrating screens that continuously improve the selection of products, both liquids and solids.

Emilos screening systems, with international patent, enable to get outstanding performances in terms of productivity. Emilos’ production includes circular vibrating screens from Ø450mm min to Ø1800mm max; it also produces rectangular vibrating screens for high hourly production and vibrating screens with lateral motorizations instead of classic underlying. Noteworthy, Emilos also produces automatic and manual magnets. 

The quality of these products is fully Made in Italy, are different from the usual vibrating screens that are found in the market, for their structure and vibrating motor performing 3000 rpm/min instead of conventional 1400 rpm. Emilos vibrating screens can sieve through any kind of mesh, from the thinnest, such as light/mesh 0,035mm, to the biggest. 

Thanks to the special screen holding frame installed on Emilos vibrating screens, in event of mesh breakage, the final user can operate independently without the manufacturer’s intervention for restoring the screen holding frame. Whit this system Emilos has broken down the purchasing costs and the waiting times for technical interventions.

The vibrating screens are equipped with morvibrator brand Emilos at high-frequency and watertight, that creates such sussultory, swaying and rotary motion to keep the screen unclogged and clean. There is also a version for environments with explosion hazard, ATEX II 2GD IIB certified (zones 1-21) and ATEX II 3D certified (zone 22). 

Emilos sieving screens can be equipped with one or more filtering screens, with backsplash/dust-seal covering, further anti-blinding systems in case of particularly difficult products, and deferrization system.

The building material is always and exclusively stainless steel AISI 304L, and upon request 316L. 

The “CRS” is a special vibrating screen, purposely thought for the food/pharmaceutical sector that represents the top of the range Emilos. It is available in diameters 600, 800, 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm. 

Its particular rounded monolithic shape leaves no room to stagnation areas and makes cleaning easier; the filtering screen is very close to the vibrating motor as to get stronger and precise screening, and to work round the clock both with 1400rpm that to 3000 rpm/min. This vibrating screen can also be built with remarkably low height so that it can be installed below the existing plants. 

Emilos vibrating screens require very little, simple and inexpensive maintenance operations. Emilos produces standard roughing sieving machine and refining vibrating screens. Are mass-produced but can be customized according to user requirements. 

Furthermore, Emilos offers the possibility to perform screening tests of the product before the purchase of the vibrating screen.


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