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Ulma Packaging and Skin Darfresh® technology

Big success for Thermoforming machines range TFS ULMA including new models (407, 507, 607, 707) studied to use film of Cryovac Darfresh® range, flexible and rigid film skin.

An innovative packaging in which top film is plated on the product, with skin effect, following the contours, highlighting his features and lengthen the life of the product. The features of this packaging are: high conservability, hermetic packaging, no loss of liquid, 3 D product presentation, easy open and vertical and vertical exposure.

Modular structure of ULMA thermoforming machines offers the total adaptability for packaging size and a potential productive, joining atmosphere packaging possibility and shaped cuts if are required.

The ductility of TFS range which allow to treat a big range of fresh products is accompany by technical features top of range: control panel with touch screen and piezoelectric switches which boasts UPC’s latest generation industrial operating system, according to the current industry guidelines “Industry 4.0”.


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