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Thermoformer Skin TFS 407 R ULMA Packaging.

Vacuum skin packaging is the solution that can best enhance premium products thanks to a second skin transparent film that perfectly adheres to the whole surface of the product and its tray. It is specifically designed to preserve and heighten the freshness and quality of meat, poultry, fish and seafood, ready meals, cheese and charcuterie. 

As regards to skin packaging, ULMA Packaging has recently introduced the new model TFS 407 R with a special bottom side tray vacuum system able to reduce offcuts up to 40% while performing a 12% faster than standard skin packaging machines. 

The main advantages of ULMA’s new skin packaging technology are: 

  • Liquids contained in the products are better preserved extending product shelf life and improving appearance. 
  • Rigid trays can be used as product support. 
  • • The product may be exposed vertically. 
  • • A second cover may be applied to the tray as a label support allowing also to insert other elements inside the package between covers, such as condiments, recipes, disposable cutlery, etc. This solution improves product stacking and, in this case, the cost of the extra film of the second cover can be compensated as no further packaging surface is required for the label.  
  • Gas flushing may be embedded into an intermediate compartment created between two covering films to best preserve products and avoid meat discoloration. 
  • Easy-Open Packaging 
  • Microwave safe films may be used for ready meal products that can be consumed on the same tray. 

Last but not least, the solid and reliable thermoformer TFS 407 R is the result of the constant investment in design and technology that ULMA Packaging has sustained during more than 50 years of presence in the packaging market.


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