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Cryovac BL77T loader helps cheese processors increase operational efficiencies

Sealed Air Food Care has developed Cryovac® BL77T, an automatic loader for cheese products to help processors improve their operational efficiency in automatic loading systems. Combined with Cryovac® vacuum packaging equipment loading unit help processors reduce costs and complexities throughout the supply chain.


Over one third (38%) of food manufacturers globally have identified improvements in operational efficiency as an area that they must advance. Processors are also managing the increasingly difficult challenge of finding suitable and skilled labor to support their operations. In addition, 37% of manufacturers recognise that reducing production costs is an important way to differentiate from their competitors. 

The new Cryovac® BL77T loading system is designed to tackle many of the key issues that producers are facing. Technological advances are fundamental to increasing efficiencies for processors – this often leads to reduced costs too. Automating operations can reduce the need for manual handling and help meet increasing food safety demands as regulations continue to tighten. 

This new automatic loader unit allows processors to produce bags and load them with cheese products of standard shapes (hard and semi-hard: 3-15 kg loaves and bars) in one single operation. The new loading system reduces the time employees need to spend operating the machine and works with long tube film rolls. This allows for better warehouse optimisation, less downtime due to packaging material refilling, and the reduction in material order processing. 

“With our new BL77T solution, processors are able to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and excel in food safety. With over 75 years of total value chain experience, at Sealed Air we pride ourselves in being a reliable partner that can help optimise the entire cheese packaging process from material to equipment, services and maintenance,” said Krzysztof Zajac, Equipment Marketing Manager Food Care Europe, Sealed Air. 

In addition, Sealed Air’s Cryovac hard and soft vacuum packaging solutions, combined with shrinkable high barrier and permeable material, provide food safety, preservation, shelf life extension and high pack integrity.

Sealed Air 

Sealed Air Corporation is a knowledge-based company focused on packaging solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability goals in the face of today’s biggest social and environmental challenges. Our portfolio of widely recognized brands, including Cryovac® brand food packaging solutions and Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, enable a safer and less wasteful food supply chain and protect valuable goods shipped around the world. Sealed Air generated $4.5 billion in sales in 2017 and has approximately 15,000 employees who serve customers in 122 Countries.

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