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The only feeder for every type of cap

Elevatore Unico is the first ever caps feeder designed and realized to work with every kind of cap, without doing format changes, and reaching a speed higher than 100,000 bottles/hour.


There are different types of bottles in the world, with different shapes and sizes. Just to mention some of them: cork or T shaped caps, like the ones used for wine bottles; crown caps made of iron or aluminum, like the ones used for beer bottles; ring-pull caps made of aluminum, like the ones used for state-of-the-art beer bottles; screw caps made of plastic, like the ones used for water bottles and fruit juice boxes; screw caps made of aluminum, like the ones used for wine and oil bottles; sport caps, like the ones used for sport drinks. All these caps have different weights, shapes and materials, and for these reasons the handling process has to be designed and realized ad hoc for every kind of cap. Elevatore Unico stems from the wish to remove the extra costs caused by cap format changes in a bottling line with high hourly bottles productions. 

If you want to explore which hidden problems and costs lie behind a possible wrong choice of your feeder, you can visit the representative website for Industrial Caps Feeders 

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