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Cucimix-30-ETC (Firex).

Caramelization is one of the most important processes of browning in food, together with Maillard reactions and enzymatic browning. The caramelization process begins with the melting of sugar at high temperatures, followed by foaming. In this phase, sucrose decomposes into glucose and fructose. Then a condensation phase occurs, in which the individual sugars lose water and react with each other. The next steps include isomerization and further dehydration reactions. A final series of fragmentation and polymerization reactions leads to the production of typical aroma and color, respectively. The end result is a complex mixture of various high molecular weight components, polymers often used as colorants in food products (E150), from colas to soy sauce, sweets and ice creams. In reality, all the reactions that take place during the caramelization process are not yet well known and lead to the formation of desirable colors and flavors when the process is controlled, but a moment of distraction will be enough to have the flavor and aroma of the burnt sugar.

The Firex cookers are equipped with the new ETC system that accurately manages the heating by using 2 temperature probes: one in direct contact with the product that detects the progress of the cooking, and one immersed in the tank bottom, placed only 2 mm away from the product, which allows to keep the heating temperature constant and precise. All process variables, including mixer settings and the addition of alerts, can be saved in multi-phase recipes making production consistent and easily programmable. The specific configuration of the mixer with peek scrapers and heating on the side walls make Firex cookers the ideal partner for the production of all the caramel variants.

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