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Innovative STORM systems for air bubble fluidization for stored solid materials

The core business of Barra Project International Srl are the compressed air cannons. Basing on the well-known air cannon plants experience for application where high potential is required, the R&D department now launches the STORM cannon range dedicated to the fluidification of materials such as flours, feed, sawdust, premixed products, sand, powders, etc. The aim is the creation of a system that is easy, smart and low cost both as initial investment and maintenance.

Specifically designed for the equipment and the fluidization of silos and hoppers (single or in batch), load cells, connecting channel, pipes, slides, etc., STORM systems use the injection of small air volumes that spread at high speed inside the material, thus restoring its fluidity (air bubble fluidization).

STORM in brief:
• Can be managed completely in a pneumatic way without the need for electrical connections,
• Made by small cannons (from 0.5 to 30 L),
• Pressure range from 2 to 8 bar (Pmax = 10 Bar),
• Applicable both in cold or hot area,
• Suitable for heavy-duty exercise thanks to the reinforced metal core shutter,
• Programmable for automatic firing cycles,
• Low initial investment cost, low maintenance cost,
• It can be installed directly by the end user.

• reduces production costs by eliminating slowdowns in the production cycle,
• increases operators’ safety by reducing the need for direct manual intervention.

Barra Project International Srl designs and provides:
• ECOFOG systems for dust capture and abatement,
• RASKIA cleaners for conveyor belts,
• AIRFLASH, AIRFOM and PPI Pick-Power-Impulser activation systems.

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