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Circolar Eolo.

Each material has a more or less marked tendency to constipation. There are different factors that influence this behaviour like granulometry, angle of natural slope, hygroscopicity and temperature and humidity conditions of the area. The employment of vibrating engines not always leads to good results; in addition to the excessive stress on the structures and the disturbing noise, vibrating the material can increase its own constipation until its complete block. To overcome all these problems, Barra Project International Srl works with shock waves generated by compressed air cannons. However, not all the materials can be fluidized in the same way! In the case of strong cohesive materials, for example, direct injections of air can create rat-holes through which the air escapes without moving the material.

It is in these cases that our EOLO fluidizers come into play. 

EOLO does not concentrate the shock wave in a single point, but it distributes the air within the structure. This action reduces the friction between material-wall and between the grains themselves.

High levels of effectiveness are achieved in the face of lower energy expenditure. 

Since the materials are different, also the storage structures are different: by shape, constitution, size. As a consequence, the EOLO range is variegated according to its geometry and type of installation. 

Why choose EOLO? 
Reduce installation costs by reducing the number of cannons to be installed maintaining the same level of fluidization
protects the air cannon from dust or material infiltration
increases operators’ safety by limiting the need for direct manual intervention
• allows a cleaning action of the structures, really important for perishable materials and for reducing contamination probabilities
modular structure

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