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Airflash plant – Installation on raw material hopper.

The granular and powdery, organic or inorganic materials, when stored, lose their natural fluidity and tend to constipate. This involves several problems:
- Reduction of the storage capacity of the structures
- Formation of bridges and blockages that make it difficult/block the extraction of material from the silo (production delays/stops)
- Need for extraordinary maintenance with safety risks for maintenance stuff and damages the storage facilities
- Formation of "dead zones" where the material becomes stagnant and deteriorates (important for organic and/or perishable materials)

To re-activate the compacted material, Barra Project International Srl uses the disintegrating force of the shock waves generated by compressed air cannons. The cannon is an energy accumulator composed by a firing valve and a tank, with pneumatic or electro-pneumatic activation (occasional action or cyclic programming). With the injection of expanding air bubbles at high speed, the bonds between the particles of material are broken, improving its own flow.

There are different materials and different storage structures (size, conformation, etc.) and, therefore, we have different type of plants:
- Airflash/Airfom Plants: air cannons (DN32 ÷ DN150, 5Lt ÷ 150 lt) fitting for medium and large silos and hoppers, applicable in all working conditions (heavy duty, areas subjected to thermal radiation, presence of corrosive dusts)
- PPI Pick-Power-Impulser Plants: tanks are replaced by a unique tank-pipe that connects all the firing points installed, allowing the energy to be released in each individual usage. Sizeable according to need, PPI optimises the installation space for application in narrow spaces.
- Storm Plants: 0.5Lt ÷ 5Lt air cannons that can be activated simultaneously even with a fully pneumatic control, are designed for fitting conical logs, ducts and load cells

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