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From left: Airflash aircannon on flour silos; Ecofog systems for dust abatement by nebulization; Raskia cleaner for conveyor belts.

Compressed air cannons: Airflash / Airfom / PPI / Storm

Ecofog systems for dust abatement by nebulization

Raskia cleaners for conveyor belts


Barra Project International Srl, strong in engineering and production all made in Italy, provides the milling sector (and not only) with technologically innovative products and plants with high level of customization to optimize the management of solid bulk, organic and inorganic, granular materials of various size and to defend the safety of local operators.

1- Ensure the efficiency of storage facilities: applied to silos, hoppers, load cells, etc. the AIRFLASH / AIRFOM compressed air cannons act directly on the stored material, unblocking it and keeping it fluid with air bubble injections (Pmax = 10bar) without damaging the structures
Advantages: stable supply of material in the production chain, elimination of "dead zones" by limiting the risk of aging and deterioration of the material, reduction of the consumption of compressed air compared to continuous fluidization systems, less noise pollution with respect to vibration systems, higher safety for maintenance workers. 

2- Preserve the efficiency of the conveyor belts: keeping the belts clean means preventing jamming and tearing of the belt and avoiding to disperse material along the transit line. High durability and modular RASKIA cleaners guarantee a continuous adherence to the belt even in case of difference on its surface.

3- Reduce the industrial dust generated by the processing and handling of bulk materials: ECOFOG nebulization systems generate adjustable fog streams (air 2÷3bar/water0.2÷0.5bar) limiting dust emission into the environment.
Advantages: low working pressures and low water/air consumption, easy installation, healthier and cleaner environment.

3 problems ... 1 solution: Barra Project International Srl!

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