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Pasteurizing tunnels and spiral belt conveyors

Sarp and its industrial technology plays an important role especially about the process techniques adopted to protect food.

Related with the project Sarp “Open Factory”, we introduce you our concept to process different size and capacity of food products, certifying the temperatures and the treatment. Our experience leads us to focus and develop knowledge in various treatment techniques for products processes, particularly in processes involving the pasteurizing treatments of food products.

We are specialized in pasteurizing spiral conveyor systems and tunnels. This kind of treatment can be applied both to the loose products and to the packed product. We can reach +100°C and the time for the process depends on the objectives and needs of the customer, but above all on the characteristics of the product in question.

We can develop spiral belt conveyors or linear tunnel to fulfill from low to high hourly production. Every system is completely automatic, and they are studied to avoid production losses and to grant the perfect treatment for the products. 

We realize versatile and flexible solutions for all your needs: considering the volume and weight of the food the line is custom-made. Entrance, exit, height, width, … everything is personalized both for spiral conveyors or linear tunnel with layers. Each time, we consider the available space, the production qualities required and the results before developing a project.

Our cooling or freezing processes are usually combined with pasteurization treatment and consist in adding one or more spiral conveyors that can work in environment temperature or inside an insulated chamber that allows reaching temperatures up to -40°C. With our systems you can reach extraordinary output per minute, guiding your products during whole process, as well as it could be arranged for a low production capacity, for small production line batches. Your packages could be aligned and conveyed, always maintaining the same position. A buffering device avoids products’ losses and any interruption enabling you a continuous production cycle. High level of efficiency and automation increase your productivity and decrease your costs.

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