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Coffee conveying

During production and packaging processes in roasting, coffee handling is one of the most important and tricky phases and involves coffee in all its shapes: green/raw, toasted or ground coffee.

Why to choose a pneumatic conveyor?
Pneumatic conveyor system allows to automatize and easily connect different process machineries by increasing plant productivity up to 30%.
Compared to mechanical conveyors, pneumatic conveyors guarantee:
- Product preservation by avoiding grain damages
- No organoleptic changes of the conveyed product
- More room available inside the production area
- High flexibility in terms of use
- Minimum maintenance costs

Coffee handling with pneumatic conveyor: thick or diluted phase?
A pneumatic conveyor can be programmed on a thick or diluted phase, according to the material to convey and the stage of the production process.
Pneumatic conveyor in thick phase is the most suitable solution to convey at a medium-distance ground coffee, coffee in beans for grinding or instant coffee.
The most required solutions for product handling inside roasting are: 

Conveying of raw coffee beans to the roaster. Raw coffee beans must be quickly conveyed in large quantities to the roaster. Nevertheless, their integrity must be preserved for the roasting process, which is fundamental to guarantee the aroma and taste of the final product, regardless of its shape. In this case, the conveyor must handle beans quickly in order to optimize the production performance line while boosting the roasted quantity of coffee per hour. Meanwhile, raw coffee waste is drastically reduced to minimum levels, since any possible leakage from bags inside the department is eradicated.

Grinder filling. Coffee beans grinding requires the constant and efficient feeding of the machinery, while guaranteeing the aroma preservation and the organoleptic features of the product. The conveyor must be a hundred percent reliable in continuous work.

Feeding the coffee packaging machinery. In order to maximise the productivity of the plant, the packaging machinery must always be fed with large quantities of either ground or bean coffee. In this case, the needs related to feeding the machinery depend on the type product to preserve its features:
- bean coffee must be delicately conveyed to the packaging machinery in order to preserve its integrity;
- ground coffee can be uploaded on the machinery by means of a fast conveyor, but still preserving its organoleptic features obtained by the roasting process
- instant coffee will be uploaded with pneumatic conveyors in order to prevent any possibility of demixing the product

Big-bag loading and storage silos. During coffee processing, it is frequently necessary to stock the product. In this case, pneumatic conveyors can pick up the product directly from the machinery and then automatically convey it to the storage silos or to the Big Bag.
Delfin can also provide the material to more than a single storage point, but still starting from only one prick-up point.

Coffee conveying systems in Delfin
Delfin offers the largest range of pneumatic conveyors on the market: electric engines or pneumatic engines, with loading capacity can reach up to 3,000 kg/h.
Motor head units single-phase or three-phase electric engine (from 1 up to 17 kW) and compressed air with multi-Venturi system (from 4 up to 15 Venturi)
Filter units Polyester, certified for food contact and AISI316 Stainless Steel with automatic systems for filter cleaning
Loading units with suction inlet from 40 mm up to 100 mm and loading capacity from 8 mm up to 80 mm
Discharge units from 100 mm up to 250 mm and continuous or intermittent discharge 

Thanks to a dedicated team, Delfin can provide customized solutions in order to maximise the productivity of your roaster.

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