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Recovery and efficiency with BBM Service srl

The “recovering philosophy” is central in BBM Service business vision, since the company foundation. This concept has been translated initially into the technical assistance and maintenance services directly on plants, to prolong their life and guarantee their maximum efficiency.

Next to it, we have started to deal with true and authentic “recovering”, buying machines from our customers, especially after the upgrading of lines and the replacement with new machine, with the goal of giving them a second life.

It is certain that the technological evolution is becoming everyday faster and, consequently, the machine become “old” more quickly, though they are expensive machines. But this technology can also represent a valid alternative for other customers, because it is simpler, because it can be upgraded to get the performances closet to new machines’ and because it is sometimes still efficient but productivity needs led to the replacement (productivity increase and change of format).

For this reason, in BBM, we strongly believe in this kind of activity and we are sure that through the replacement of some obsolete components which cannot be found anymore in the market and through an in-depth overhauling servicing, blow-moulding machines, filling ones, labellers, packers, palletisers and other typologies of bottling and packing machines can meet the production needs of many customers.

Obviously, among the upgrade requests, a great share involves the optimisation and the energy efficiency, to consume less energy and less raw materials.

But in our “recovery” activity, we are also able to answer the need of alternative solutions for packing, for example.

In this scenario and in accordance with our vision, BBM Service presents itself as the ideal partner for production re-launching, machine and line modification and new projects which aim to reduce impact on the environment of a bottling and packaging line.

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