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FRISTAM - the perfect solutions for mixing powders and liquids

Powders dissolution is a process that requires depth knowledge and specific process technologies. Fristam has developed several mixing systems, applicable to all productions, from a few kg up to 10.000 kg/hour.

- Fristam Powder Mixer. Used to mix high quantities of xanthan gum, guar, pectin, CMC, carob seed flour, etc. in a very short time up to very high concentrations and viscosity > 100.000 cP.

- Fristam Powder Dissolver. Ideal and economical solution to dissolve powders that require high "shear rates", or to emulsify liquids, creating particles <2 µm. Used in the mixing of hydrocolloids, stabilizers, proteins, starches, etc. in the production of flavored juices and drinks.

- Fristam Powder Incorporator. Ideal and economical solution to dissolve and hydrate easily soluble powders, like: sugar, fructose, citric acid, etc.

Fristam Powder Mixing Systems guarantee fast and efficient dissolution, perfect production batches repeatability and avoid the formation of gelled powdered lumps.

Quality, Flexibility and Innovation are the basis of the success of Fristam Pumpen KG products for over 100 years, a world leader in the production of sanitary pumps and mixing systems completely in stainless steel.

Fristam Pumpen KG  GmbH
Kurt-A-Korber-Chausse, 55
D-21033 Hamburg - Germania

Contatti in italia
Sig. Paolo Micheletta
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Tel.  +39  011 4500087
Mob. +39 3385270866

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