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Automatic 3D scanner for bottling industry


Scanny 3D S.r.l. has been providing for over 15 years a complete, fast and automatic solution for 3D scanning and design of the whole packaging and bottling line to the most important companies in the sector, both Italian and foreign.

In particular, the rotating 3D laser scanner produced by the company is a patent device and 100% “Made in Italy”, that perform a 360° scanning without contact, at high speed and at very high resolution (also in color) in a complete automatic way and without the need for specialized personnel.

The device allows to get high resolution scans, not only of glass bottles, plastic bottles and of various types of caps but also of the most critical areas of bottles, such as the bottom and the neck thread, with the guarantee of centesimal accuracy.

The recent improvement in the quality of 3D acquired surfaces also allows to scan reflective and / or transparent objects with the possibility of evaluating both the external and internal surface, with an evident reduction of noise and possible reflections on the surface.

The scanner therefore returns a high-fidelity 3D model and the numerous functions designed specifically for the packaging / bottling industry and present in the device management software allow, among other things, the evaluation of the geometry, symmetry and stability of the bottles, the comparison full / empty of the bottles through the 3D quality control function and the export of the 3D model as solid, with the guarantee of maximum compatibility with all the main external CAD software.

Furthermore, the company, thanks to the experience in the design and production of 3D laser scanning systems and CAD-CAM software for industry, offers the possibility to integrate the 3D scanner with PACK-SIM, the simulation plug-in software for the automatic design of stars, screw and complete lines in 3D.

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