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Plant for loading, storing and transferring liquids with the use of automatic equipment.


Albrigi Tecnologie, of which Stefano Albrigi is the owner, is a solid reality with thirty years of know-how in research, design, manufacture, installation, certification, test and start-up of many types of food and drink plants. These have included many prestigious manufacturers of a great variety of products. The demands required by the Food and Drinks Industry are of the highest standard. This sector requires sturdiness, a high degree of hygiene; practically and flexibility all combined with low maintenance, ease of operation and compliance with safety regulations for all personnel involved. For this reason HACCP and FDA standards are the essential rules that dictate all of the requirements governing our products. 

Store, transfer, weigh, inertize, mix, shake, heat or cool all types of liquid food; high pressure, vacuum or under an inert controlled atmosphere are some of the processes that can be realized by Albrigi plants. Moreover, they can be equipped with simple operator control or PLC, according to the customer needs.

The turnkey plants, made up of high quality stainless steel tanks, are designed, produced and tested by trained personnel according to European rules. The aim is to provide to customers unique plants, as result of years of experience, manufactured with the technology and the efficiency of a modern company, combined with the expertise and care of an handcrafted company. This is the philosophy of Albrigi Tecnologie.

Here is a list of the foodstuffs being processed:
Sugared syrups, Brine, Liqueurs, Blood, beer, Mayonnaise, creams, sauces, spices, butter, malt, fish glue, chocolate, cottage cheese, jam, non-alcoholic beverages, Egg white and yolk, Fruit juices, Wine, Honey, Whiskey, tomato, Sugar in crystals, Icing, Fruit puree, Wine and apple vinegar, Margarine, Yogurt, Cream, Fruit ice cream, non-alcoholic drinks, Whole milk, Pasteurized milk, UHT sterilized milk, Glucose, Inverted sugar, Starches, Milk-based ice creams, Oil, Liquid vegetal fats, Liquid animal fats, Alcohol, Cider, Sparkling wines, Cheese, Pickled vegetables, Mustard, Preserves, Flours.

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