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Product diversification and format changes: The solution to avoid coding errors

Consumers today want to choose from a wide range of products: this phenomenon is expanding globally and involves all types of products, especially in food and beverage environment.

For companies, this range expansion involves formats, packaging and customers taste with a consequent exponential increase in unique product identification codes (SKU - Stock Keeping Unit).
The consequence of this market trend on the production lines is particularly impacting; industries today need to carry out frequent format changes and product changes even on non-performing or fully automated lines.
An error in the choice of the code means the impossibility of placing the batch on the market, so how to avoid human error when multiple products are packaged on the same line?

Domino laser or inkjet marking and coding systems, distributed exclusively for Italy by Nimax spa, are equipped with software that allows the operator to select the data with a single click on the user panel, reducing to minimum margin for human error even in case of frequent changes.

Domino's F520i fiber laser marker is designed for the beverage industry: it applies indelible codes that are perfectly readable by both the human eye and vision systems even on concave surfaces, such as the bottom of cans. Its characteristics make it perfect for the beverage industry that requires very high speeds even in humid environments, in the presence of sugars (IP65) or with temperatures up to 45 °.

Domino's F520i fiber laser Total Cost of Ownership is surprisingly low thanks to:
• the low energy consumption cooling system,
• the life cycle of the laser source of 100,000 hours (MTBF),
• technology that carries out the coding without using consumables (fluids, inks, ribbons or solvents)
• great print quality that reduces waste
• compatibility with management systems such as ERP, MES or SCADA reduces human error and provides real-time data to those who have to make strategic choices or logistical assessments.

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