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Automatic modular labeler SL: ergonomic solution, flexible, with independent labeling stations, up to 62,000 bph.

SL – Smart & Lean labeler is an innovative automatic modular labelling machine that allow the absolute flexibility in combining the different labeling technologies: pre-cut with hot glue, hot glue reels, cold glue reels, hybrid labeling solutions.


SL is an ergonomic solution strongly focused on energy savings and developed with modular stations: starting from a machine body it is possible to insert any type of modular independent labeling stations. The labeler is suitable for medium-high speed, ranging from 2,000 up to 62,000 bph.

The labeler also presents special solutions as PE Vision, the innovative bottle centering system. PE Vision label centering system is placed at the entrance of the carousel to effectively orient the containers, with the aim of positioning the label in a precise point. This solution is ideal to detect the logo/embossing on glass or PET container and the glass or PET welding line.

The key point remains the modularity and the driver is always the production requirement to be met, the speeds to be obtained and the types of covers with which to coat - and enhance - the products and containers that differ in materials, features and sizes. This is why many companies in the markets find in PE machines an effective response, which results in real savings and the economic optimization of their production lines. It is therefore not surprising that P.E. services beverage, mineral waters, wine & spirits, food & dairy, personal and homecare, and chemical and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

SL is produced by P.E. LABELLERS, a world leader company in the production of automatic labeling machines.
The group is made up of 8 companies located in Italy, the USA and Brazil, and is part of the U.S. Pro Mach multinational group.
Today the P.E. Group’s Lean Production has led to the creation of 450 machines yearly, exported all over the world and widely managed remotely. 
There are around 10,000 P.E. machines installed worldwide. Each line is developed in one of the 7 production sites in the world, according to the philosophy of vertical production.

P.E. provide specialized professional services according to machine types in every geographical area, and a staff of over 90 technicians globally distributed, represents added value factors. It can thus count on non-stop assistance, even remotely, specific and cutting-edge maintenance programs, dedicated training at the customer's facility or the modern P.E. University classrooms.

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