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Change over kit, neck finishing conversion and upgrade to give new life to bottling and packaging machines

The replacement of a machine isn’t always the only solution, an upgrade may be the best choice to maintain maximum machine efficiency, updating it and increasing its potential, making energy saving and elimination in many cases of downtime costs.

Through specific and in-depth analysis, BBM Service will identify any possible upgrade or conversion that will allow to optimize costs, productivity and materials. The aim of an upgrade is to bring existing machines up to the state-of-the-art, offering more efficiency, reducing management costs and increasing their reliability. All this through customized solutions, characterized by cost savings and reduced amortization time, installed directly by qualified technicians at the customer's plant.

BBM Service studies and develops change over kit for different machines, such as shrinkwrappers, wrap-around packers, labellers and moulds for blow moulding machines. Change over kit for bottling and packaging machines allows to provide new identity to the existing machines, for meeting the market’s demand for new packaging formats.

BBM 20 11 2
Format change on shrinkwrapper: introduction of new formats and quincunx arrangement.


Among the upgrade and improvement activities for blow moulding machines, BBM Service offers its customers the service of bottle neck finishing conversion, supporting them from design to supply and start-up of the necessary equipment for the machine conversion. Neck finishing conversion represent the ideal solution for a manufacturer that wants to cut down costs without changing the stylistic identity of the bottles, allowing a significant reduction in the weight of the preform.

These are just some of the most common upgrades, on you can see the complete list of the implementations that BBM technicians are able to make. The flagship of the company is in fact a qualified technical department that allows to solve any customer problem and always find a real solution to his needs.

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