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3D rendering of the new Cimas vibrating screen.

A vibrating screen is a machine that has always been used in the feed sector to separate materials of different particle size and, in particular, to remove impurities, foreign bodies and dust from granular and flaked feeds and from cereals in general. 

The Cimas Research and Development Department, assisted by the Technical Department, has redesigned the old model with a perforated sheet screen in order to obtain maximum screening efficiency and obtain a very high-quality product.

The new vibrating screen is equipped with a double wire mesh (with adequate mesh openings in relation to the product to be screened) positioned inside a tank at an inclination variable from 30° to 20°. The two gauzes (upper and lower) have different mesh opening/wire diameter combinations to provide dual particle size selection in addition to dust elimination. 

The wire mesh, made of spring steel, also provides a maximum open area and, at the same time, facilitates product flow and cleaning of the screen.

The tank is supported by highly flexible "MOLLIGUM" elastic systems to ensure silent operation. For the vibration, a pair of electric motovibrators have been used, mounted in opposite positions and counter-rotating, with adjustment of both the oscillating weight and the inclination in relation to the tank. 

This setup helps give the product an axial and vertical thrust (hop), which helps to maximise the separation of dust in addition to keeping the mesh clean, allowing continuous work without having to perform constant manual cleaning. 

In addition, the new vibrating screen is manufactured and then shipped to the customer completely disassembled, thereby allowing it to be positioned in confined spaces and facilitating any necessary maintenance. 

The Cimas Vibrating Screen complies with ECO-DESIGN requirements, giving the buyer the possibility to qualify for Green subsidies and funding. 

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