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Ammeraal Beltech’s new Ropanyl Premium Plus belts support us in Food Safety and Cost Saving programme!


Caffarel - Master Italian chocolatier - successfully tested our new generation of processing conveyor belts Ropanyl Premium Plus

Flavio Falco, Engineering Manager at Caffarel explains: “From 2014 we are successfully using the first generation of Ropanyl Premium belts. Applications are mainly with naked chocolate on belt surface in moulding, cooling and packaging. Benefit was found in different performances in comparison to competitor and Ammeraal Beltech classic standard polyurethane synthetic processing belts. From the time we switched to the new second generation of Ropanyl Premium Plus belts, in addition to the benefits of flexibility, antimicrobial, non-stick and non-fray properties we found additional properties like: easy tracking, less shrinking and non-wicking.”

Extra benefits
Ideal partners for confectionery and snacks, Ropanyl Premium Plus belts deliver new levels of flexibility and belt tracking, and advanced splicing solutions across the range. These leading-edge capabilities mean that, in use, the belts are able to reduce system and maintenance costs, and at the same time boost output -- as well as preserving food safety and product quality in line with all international food standards.

“All these benefits are in addition to the extended lifetime, considering that the first belt was installed in September 2019 and it is still performing at high level without needs of maintenance! The new Ropanyl Premium Plus white version supports us in our Food Safety and Cost Saving program” says Flavio Falco from Caffarel.

Visit the website of Ammeraal Beltech for more information about Ropanyl Premium Plus:

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