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Impianto di smistamento per alimentare 12 confezionatrici ad alta velocità (Pro-Tech Italia).Sorting plant to feed 12 high-speed packaging machines (Pro-Tech Italy).

Pro-Tech Italy of F.lli Roberto and Stefano Rovati, specializes for over 40 years in silos feeding systems for short-cut pasta, buckets elevators, conveyors belts, vibrating channels, vibrating sieves, long-cut pasta dosing systems and much more. 

Thanks to the long experience and the continuous development of their machinery, the plants made fully comply with the strict hygiene standards required in the food sector.

The current year sees the company engaged in the start-up of multiple storage facilities for short pasta, couscous and pasta sorting systems, and also packaging machines.

Recently, four major North African companies, leaders in the production of dry pasta, have ordered Pro-Tech Italia the silo feeding systems and sorting plants for short pasta, to be installed downstream of their production lines (with capacity up to 6 t/h), equipped with all the necessary automatic loading and unloading systems to feed the packaging machines.

One of these systems installed is also equipped with an innovative system for the management and extraction for capelli d’angelo (Angels Hairs / Cheveux d'Anges), a pasta type that is extremely complicated to feed into and extract from silos.

Customers were looking for systems that can meet the highest quality standards, both in terms of reliability and hygiene, with particular attention to the intact state of the finished product.

The design specifications of the systems supplied, and in particular the type of silos used, without any metal profile and screws inside the cells, allowed customers to benefit from a plant that is fully compliant with their requests.

The systems consist of elevators with ABS buckets detectable by metal detector whose material, in addition to being certified for contact with food, allows detecting, in case of accidental breakage of a bucket, a fragment of plastic of a few millimetres.

The elevator beckets are available in various sizes: from 300 to 800 mm and are available in different materials: ABS, ABS detectable by MD, ABS + stainless steel and 304 stainless steel.

The special feature of the storage cells made by Pro-tech Italia, is the total absence of screws, metal and/or plastic profiles for connection inside the silo cells and in direct contact with the product (unlike similar products commonly made by other manufacturers), avoiding possible cracking between the various joints and eliminating, in fact, the possibility of formation of dust or pasta deposits that would result in infestation with insects or mixing of product.


Pro tech 21 06 3

Short-cut storage plant composed by 10 storage cells with total capacity of 180 mc (Pro-Tech Italy). 


The panels of the silos are made from monolithic panels without joints or profiles, made of plywood, coated on both sides with high-thickness laminate (certified for contact with foodstuffs), which also guarantee the absence of condensation, and are extremely resistant to bending generated during the cell filling and emptying phases, even in case of heavy-duty versions. Each storage cell is equipped with stainless steel screw downward conveyors.

The roof of the silos is made of high-thickness aluminium sheet, completely smooth and equipped with an inspection door, and the external reinforcements of the silos are made in such a way as to avoid formation of dust deposits.

The silos bottom hopper is made of stainless steel, with rounded corners, making it highly hygienic and wear-free over time (unlike what happens in hoppers made of laminated wood).


Pro tech 21 06 2

Inside silos walls details without any metallic profiles and bottom hopper made in stainless steel (Pro-Tech Italy).


The extraction of the product from silos is guaranteed by reversible extractor belts, which, in addition to preserving the intact state of the product, guarantee very high flow rates, constancy and precision of extraction, especially in the case of production of three-colour pasta, thanks to the adjustable speed.

At the outlet of the silos there are two-level cleaning vibrating sieves and interchangeable nets (operation carried out by a single operator, in a few minutes and without the aid of tools), in order to eliminate any scraps from the product such as crumbs, powders or glued product. An aerial sorting system consisting of bucket elevators and conveyor belts, allows maximum feeding flexibility of all packaging machines.

Each packaging machine is equipped with its own storage tank with extractor belt that feeds the multi-head weighing systems continuously and consistently.

The system is managed by electrical panels equipped with PLC and intuitive computerized supervision systems with integrated remote assistance.

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