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Fristam FDS double screw pumps - New Patented TSG® Drive System

Fristam Pumpen introduces the new-patented Twin Speed Gearbox (TSG) drive system and expands its range of FDS double screw hygienic pumps. It is an innovative, efficient, simple and robust drive solution with several advantages over standard three-phase motors or servomotors. The STG system is available for all sizes of FDS double screw pumps.

In applications where big ranges of flow are necessary, the new Fristam system offers a very simple, robust and economical solution. The TSG System expands the FDS double screw pumps application field. It allows you to use the complete pumps speed range, going beyond the three-phase motors working range.

The TSG system combined with a common frequency converter, allows to reach up to 1:30 ratio between production and CIP phase. This ensures flow rates above 2.5 m/s during the cleaning process, even in pipelines with large cross sections.

Furthermore, the Twin Speed Gearbox system reduces the installed power from 30% to 50%, reduces investment costs, improves energy efficiency and decreases the pump operating costs.

More than 200 successful installations in the food and pharmaceutical sectors have shown that the use of FDS TSG allows you to manage severe production conditions (for example fruit concentrates, syrups, filling creams or candies) and extremely different CIP needs, fully exploiting the high flexibility of FDS double screw pumps.

Fristam Pumpen KG, German company with solid and proven experience in the production of stainless-steel sanitary pumps for the worldwide food chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Since more than 110 years Fristam success has always been based on three principles: quality, flexibility and innovation.

Fristam Pumpen offers its expertise in selecting the most suitable system for specific needs and provides the possibility to test the advantages that these simple solutions can bring to production processes.

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