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Conveyor belts, metal belts and curve belts, separating plants


One single partner to provide your Company with any belt systems or steel mesh belt for your conveyors. LMD, through its represented Companies Märtens Transportbander and Tribelt can supply rod network belts for enrobers and fryers, wire belts for conveyors, cooking ovens, pasteurizers, and several more applications, including non-food ones, as well as conveyor belts in PU, PVC, Silicone.

Besides standard wire belts and conveyor belts, we can also supply a wide range of special belts for non-standard applications, such as curves or shaped and/or inclined belts for conveying of various goods, separating belts and separating plants.

Märtens is a German Company existing since almost 100 years, with an extremely wide Market, above all in rod network belts. These belts, especially suitable for all those food and non-food transport systems where a great throughflow of air or liquids is required, have their best applications in chocolate enrobers, fryers, toasting ovens for light products, and for special equipments, like e.g. cooking ovens for solar cells.

Tribelt has its seat in the Netherlands, and they are specialized in all those types of belts referred to belt ovens. Wire belts for biscuits in different densities, with round or flat wire, eye link belts, or spiral belts for freezing or pasteurizing towers, as well as belts for simple conveyors and different applications.

Furthermore, Tribelt can supply positive driven belts (for which they produce the sprockets too) with very low tolerances, suitable for any conveyor systems which require a high precision in transfer.

Please contact us for a consultancy or a quotation, we will surely have the most suitable belt for your application.

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