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A revolution in Food Grade belts!


The new Dectyl Metal Detectable belt range
against foreign bodies to protect your Brand


In the Food Industry, nothing is more important than Food Safety. Contamination can lead to product recalls and loss of public confidence in your brand.

Ammeraal Beltech has been a leader in belting solutions for the Food Industry, promoting Food Safety. Now, we've added the brand new Dectyl range of Metal Detectable Synthetic Belts and accessories to drastically reduce their foreign bodies! 

Metal detection technology and Metal Detectable Belts are a new revolution in Food Safety, helping companies meet the required Foreign Bodies Risk Assessment (HACCP/ISO 22000) and preventing belt fragments from slipping through as contaminants on food processing. The Dectyl belt range, with Synthetic Belts and their accessories, has a highly detectable component in its composite material. What's more, these high-performance belts with excellent wear resistance are designed to replace existing standard non-detectable belts on a 1:1 basis, so it's quick and easy to switch over.

How accurate any metal detectable system is, depends on many factors, including the composition of the food product, conveyor belt speed, belt surface vibration, the type of detector used and how it's been calibrated. The new Dectyl belt range comes with a unique set of test cards so that the minimum detectable size of a Dectyl belting part for any system can be determined under real working conditions.

X-ray and metal detectable modular belts are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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