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Safe and clean working environments with the BFM® hermetic connections’ systems


The companies that work with extremely thin and powdery products such as flour and sugar usually have a common problem, that may impact on the health and security of the operators, on the hygiene levels and on the maintenance demand: the presence of spots inside the production line where leakage or buildups occur. To make the production safer, more efficient and cleaner, Normicom offers a particularly suitable for the food contact solution: the BFM® Fitting flexible connections.


The BFM® Fitting advantage 

The BFM® Fitting flexible connections can prevent the creation of the classical problems associated with the traditional connection systems; thanks to the revolutionary “snap-in” sealing, in fact, the resistant body made of polyurethane, perfectly fits within two stainless steel spigots, without creating gaps where powders can aggregate or where they can escape from. They can be quickly and easily installed, without any tool, in a variety of applications, as a way to connect: vibrating sieving or power supply systems, for the discharge of hoppers and screws, for any confectioning or discharge systems.


Not only connections!

Besides providing connection’s solutions, BFM® Fitting also crafts systems for the bulk bag loading, that guarantee a perfect opening of the loading mouth, without any possible leakage of the product during the filling phase. Thanks to an air inlet, the external layer of the Bulk Bag Loader can be easily blown up until it reaches the dimensions of the loading mouth, perfectly sealing. Once the big-bag is totally emptied, the system can be quickly deflated, in complete safety.

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