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Innovation themes for juice drinks
A new report on Juice Drink Innovation from specialist food and drink consultancy Zenith International has highlighted 9 themes driving new product development and innovation worldwide: functionality; low sugar/calorie; child orientated; new flavour/variety; origin and provenance; limited edition; innovative packaging; new proposition/concept; cross-category.
The report covers 100% fruit juice, 24-99% juice content nectars and 5-24% juice content fruit drinks. 60 in-depth brand profiles offer product images as well as detailed information such as launch date, packaging type and size, pricing, ingredients, variants and positioning.
"Most innovation is taking place to boost slower growth in the more mature markets of North America and West Europe," commented Zenith Regional Research Consultant Marta Babits.  "Here, there is a focus on developing premium products which offer added value through some form of functional benefit or technical advance, such as cold-pressed juices that aim to retain more nutrients and a more natural taste.
"In the faster growth emerging markets of Asia, Latin America and Africa, demand is increasing for affordable, more nutritious juice based drinks," she concluded.
The report is intended as a valuable guide to anyone already in or considering entry into the juice drink market with a view to providing innovation and added value to consumers, showing many different approaches by region:
- In Japan and South Korea, the life span of new products is often short in a culture of continuous innovation.
- In China and India, functionality is becoming more important.
- In Latin America, native superfoods are widely adopted.
- In Britain, smaller pack formats have been introduced to meet new school standards.
- In Africa, many consumers value energy-rich beverages more than low sugar alternatives.

The 2014 Zenith Report on Juice Drink Innovation contains full profiles on 60 brands launched in 2012-14 across 9 innovation themes.  Contact Zenith International on +44 (0)1225 327900 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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