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Trends of the Italian animal feed industry in 2012

According to Assalzoo - the Italian feed industry association - the domestic animal feed self supply is guaranteed (Italy produces 96.3% of it), but the growing dependence on raw materials from abroad is alarming. As a matter of fact, in 2012 the price of raw materials increased a lot (e.g. the price of soy grain increased by 35.1%) and this caused an inevitable rise of production costs for breeders. 

The 2012 Italian production of animal feed decreased by 1.7%. Today, Italy is at the 5th place in EU-27 with a production of 14,273,000 tons.

The reason lies in the decreasing number of heads of cattle and pigs, that recorded a -2,6% and a -7,4%, respectively.

“The loss of production we experienced in 2012 – Mr. Alberto Allodi, Assalzoo president, stated – came after a two-years growth. The most relevant decreasing are related to cattle and pigs (-4.5% and -2.9%), while the chicken feed industry is the only one to have recorded a positive result (+1.2).

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