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Valore dei consumi di snack di uomini e donne nella regione BRIC, in milioni di US $, 2011

New research from Canadean suggests stereotypes must be cast aside in pursuit of greater market share in the snacks and impulse food sector


Consumption of Snacking and Impulse Food categories in Brazil, Russia, India and China (the BRIC region)* was worth almost US$150 billion in 2012 and age and gender are the key dividing lines determining consumption behaviour. In this market, which includes Bakery snacks, Dairy snacks, Confectionery, Ice Cream and Savoury Snacks, marketers need to identify which age groups and gender are the key consumers in order to maximize their share. And stereotypes need changing; contrary to many pre-conceived ideas, Pre-Mid-Lifers (those aged 35 to 44 years old) were the single most valuable age group to target among women, and among men Older Consumers (those aged 55 and over) consumed the most Snacking and Impulse Foods. 


Pre-Mid-Lifers consume the most snacks among women in the BRIC region

 Canadean’s consumer data shows that Pre-Mid-Life women in the BRIC region ate US$13.7 billion worth of Snacking and Impulse Foods in 2011, over a fifth of the total consumed by all women. The next most valuable female age groups were Early Young Adults (those aged 16 to 24 years old) and Older Young Adults (those aged 25 to 34 years old).

 This shows that, despite the BRIC region’s large and growing young population, marketers of Snacking and Impulse Foods need to prioritize adult women. Aside from basic hunger the main motivation for Pre-Mid-Life women consuming these foods was shown to be the desire to create a moment to themselves; marketers therefore need to provide convenient snacks that let women create space and time in which they can take a break from busy schedules.


Older Men snack the most in the BRIC region

 In contrast, for men it’s Older Consumers (those aged 55 and over) who accounted for the highest value share of Snacking and Impulse Foods in 2011, eating US$14.1 billion worth of products, or 21.1% of the total US$66.7 billion worth of Snacking and Impulse Foods consumed by men. Kids and Babies (those aged 0 to 9 years old) and Pre-Mid-Lifers were the second and third-most valuable age groups among males respectively.

 While older men also use snacks to create moments to themselves, they also look to get the best value for money, be that buying private label products because they offer greater volumes at a lower price or paying extra for a premium product in order to get great quality at a good price. Snack marketers targeting men therefore need to offer great value products in order to win over older men in the BRIC region.

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