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Gender influences snacking behaviour in Germany
Germany is one of the fastest growing markets for snacks in Europe. To succeed further, manufacturers need to approach their customers according to their gender, as German women desire indulgent snacks with contrasting flavours, whereas men want more for their money.

According to Canadean data, the German savoury snacks market is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe with a forecast annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6% between 2013 and 2018, expected to be worth 2.3 billion EUR in 2018. This growth is set to further increase over the next five years; however, manufacturers will be more successful when they approach men and women differently: almost half of German women’s snacking is driven by indulgence, while for men it is just over a third. Motivators such as desire for fun and personal time, are also higher for women, whereas better value for money has a greater impact on men. This shows that men are more price-focused and view savoury snacks as a quick fix in-between meals. Women’s emotive approach, on the other hand, causes them to perceive savoury snacks as a treat, making them more likely to trade-up for a more indulgent experience.

Manufacturers need to produce gender-specific snacks
According to Canadean, savoury snacks producers in Germany should target women with richer flavour experiences, such as cherry and chilli flavoured cashews or Sriracha potato chips. Veronika Zhupanova, analyst at Canadean, says: “Manufacturers can also enhance their product’s indulgent appeal by offering limited edition cross-category promotions, such as strong savoury or spicy flavours alongside refreshing, chilled drinks. In-store cross-merchandising will prompt female consumers to purchase tasty pairings.”

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