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Scanny3D S.r.l. is a highly specialized company that deals with the design and production of reverse engineering systems, in particular 3D laser SCANNER, and the development of CAD-CAM software for the industry. The complete solution proposed by Scanny3D for packaging/bottling sector involves the integration of a rotative 3D laser scanner for the digitization of bottles and containers with a simulation software for the design of scars and screws profiles to be included in the machines of filling, labeling and packaging lines.

The 3D rotative laser scanner, a patented device and 100% "Made in Italy", performs a 360 ° scan without contact, at high speed, at very high resolution (also with color) and in a completely automatic way. The device returns a high fidelity 3D model and the supplied software offers numerous functions including: analysis and measurement of sections, assessment of the barycentre, automatic alignment, quality control, etc. The 3D model can be exported as a solid and is compatible with the main CAD-CAM software.

Pack-Sim is an innovative software for the fast and completely automatic design and simulation of SCREWS and COUNTERSCREWS, as well as for the creation of STARS profiles. The main functions allow to automatically align the 3D model, to define and simulate up to three simulation quotes at the same time and also to generate the complete star profile in 3D. In addition to the realization of all the compartments of the exchange stars between input and output, the software allows to design screws of any type (transport, turning, grouping, inversion, separation etc.). The Pack-Sim software can be used as a plug-in of the rotating 3D scanner and integrates the numerous functions in it, in order to provide a complete, automatic and versatile solution.

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