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The latest issue of Alimenti Funzionali is now available
In this issue we continue to update you on health and wellbeing, with new forms of supplements and nutricosmetics, and new surveys in targeted markets.
Antioxidant supplements for athletes. We are really sure you need it? The answer by Chiara Rabitti and Marco Malaguti.
If we think of the doping issue, it must consider that not only involves the professional athletes but has spread even among amateurs. The personal trainer Maurizio Boyer explains more about it.
The product of this issue is the bergamot. Studies show that its polyphenolic fraction improves the lipid profile and normalizes blood pressure in patients with metabolic syndrome, as well as having an hypo-glycemic activity.
Do not miss the ideas and suggestions of the experts to find out how to stay in shape and everything that makes us feel good.
You can choose to download or brownse the magazine.

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