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Stabilization of bakery products Palm oil free reformulated

A reformulation of bakery product due to the replacement of palm oil with sunflower oil has to consider and solve the problem of the minor stability and shelf-life of the product.

PhenoFarm®, thanks to its acquired experience on bakery products helps producers resolve this issue with a natural ingredient: Phenolea® Complex. A natural flavor with a secondary antioxidant activity effective in all bakery products which extends and guarantees in time fragrance and quality.

Phenolea® Complex has been chosen and adopted by the primary Italian firms in the sector as it unites a delicate aromatic flavor to its stabilizing activity.

Differently from other solution, Phenolea® Complex  act primarily against oxidation by-products responsible for the off-flavour and rancidity. This antioxidant activity, at times only partially evident in accelerated tests, clearly shows its efficacy in real ambient condition test, guaranteeing a superior effectiveness  in term of product stability and fragrance. 

Phenolea® Complex  is applied in a variety of products both suit and salty such as crackers, sticks, biscuits, whole grain biscuits, rolls cakes etc.  

It a 100% made in Italy natural flavor traced and certified ISO 22005, sourced from selected raw material.

PhenoFarm® is at disposal of clients for applicative, analytic and regulatory support aimed to a correct use of the product.

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